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 The Lyrics Poems Songs Text inserted in and with the Coloured Flower Border Frames is 


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 The Pixabay Coloured Flower Border Frame Images that are presented are Public Domain at Pixabay. 

  There is to consider all the work that has been put in to put the Coloured Flower Border Frame Images together. 

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 For all the different types of printing, we will strive to keep it at a comparable price. 

 Some Coloured Flower Border Frame Images already available may be used. 


 There are Coloured Floral Borders available at Pixabay Public Domain Images also. 
  They may at some time be used.   
 When signing up at Pixabay be sure to read the terms of use, and using the photographers listed,  read about them, there are a  few, compare what they expect with their images, and with Pixabay Terms of Use. 


 There has been some enhancing in the processing of the  

 Frangipani images compiled to form the coloured flower border frames for the Lyric Poem Songs Text, 


Saysamone AMPHONESINH - Link to Page 






Frangipani - Plumeria  


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The Purchased images were originally from Fotolia.com they have now been acquired by Adobe Stock.