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23 © TRUE FRIENDS © V-2_C-4_[OPPT]
Verse 1
When bad things are said about you
Especially when they are not true
No matter how it makes you feel
The truth the scars will heal
Verse 2
And those that were unkind
They were only ignorant and blind
For not knowing who you really are
And without them it is better by far
Because true friends will recognize
And stop the spreading of lies
They won`t believe all that chatter
And to stop it, is all that matters
Verse 3
It seems that people have a need
Putting others down to feed
Is it something they are trying to hide
They are or have in them deep inside
Verse 4
How much better off we could all be
When we all open our eyes to see
Only the good that is in all of us
Instead of upsets, and all of this fuss
Copyright © Antonio [Farlbeau] Falbo
Verse 1
To a lesser or greater degree
Everyone has things happen to them
And when you become aware and see
Wait it out or challenge the problem
Verse 2
It is unavoidable it is part of life
It is part of the struggle at length
We have it in ourselves to survive
And so we shall with great strength
It is best to learn to appreciate
What you achieve and find
And make your destiny and fate
To leave your negatives behind
Verse 3
Look for good that is what appears
To make your life more complete
Look for bad, that ends up in tears
And with it also follows defeat
Verse 4
For the spirit that is in us after all
Is what connects us like a family bond?
Whether you walk humble or proud and tall
It is said the pure go to the great beyond
Copyright © Antonio [Farlbeau] Falbo