The Galleries Page headings, that are being worked on will display examples of the Lyrics Poem Songs Affirmations - Picture Compilations to be presented.



There is Reflections of Life-Love Inspirations Series, Vol-I, OPPT, Vol-2, OPPT, Vol-3, OPPT, One Page Paired Titles, and Contemplation of Life-Love Inspirations Series Vol-1, TPST, Vol-2, TPST, Two Page Same Titles, released on Amazon eBooks, with the third volume waiting to be finished for release, to make three in each series, each Volume has three chapters, Life, with sixteen Titles, Love, with sixteen Titles, Heartbreaks [Parting], with sixteen Titles.


The five present volumes adds up to 240 titles, plus the third Two Page Same Titles Volumes to be released next, makes it 288.

Each volume has been presented and set out with their respective chapters and titles.


The Panorama Galleries are as near as possible to their respective category.

The Mirrored Galleries are as near as possible to their respective category.

The Panorama Landscape Galleries are as near as possible to their respective category.


A Two Titles Pair, of the One-Page Paired Titles can be combined with any image


One Title of the Two Page Same Titles can be combined with any image.


Each image has been presented, and planned to have them made available in several sizes.

The main objective is to work on the Panorama Landscape presentations, and the Mirrored Landscape [panorama] Presentations.

​Over time, there has been different ways and experiments, proof printing, scanning, different approaches and ways of putting it together had its own positives and negatives.

That is the reason why at present the words and the images are displayed separately, the advantage of this is, you are able to choose the Lyrics Poems Song Text of your choice from any of the volumes released, and pair it with any image [picture, photo], available on display as set out in the categories.


You get to choose from sizes available and the orientation, there are some on show as exhibit display samples.

​On this site now

I have finally worked it out to be what I believe to be within the acceptable photo printing labs worldwide by using the Aspect Ratio, in any case, at least if I have to, I am preparing for both approaches.

I had the intention to present the eBooks volumes in the two series, in Landscape eBooks as well, I need to work on the issue of blending in on the way possible accessible to me, in the several different ways the Lyrics Poems Songs Affirmations - Picture Compilations to be presented together on Landscape Kindle, and reasonably economically in coloured print.



Thank You

Antonio Falbo