Working To Present Soon


[as soon as we can find a solution to the delays].


We are inquiring to find a way to present,

to be able to be ordered and printed separately.

As it has an advantage for large format images. is working towards presenting Picture Compilation  

with Lyric Poem Songs [Affirmations], from the Contemplation Two Page Title Series,

and the Reflections One Page Paired Title Series.


Over time, there has been different ways and experiments, proof printing, scanning, different approaches and ways of putting it together had its own positives and negatives.


I had come to a desirable way to present the Lyric Poem Songs - Affirmations -

One title set of choice from the two page title series, that it could go with an image of choice.

the same in keeping with the one page paired titles series,

A one page paired up titles set of choice from the one page paired titles series could be put with an image of choice.


After so many different ways we made so many inquires we have been informed, 

in the way we prefer to present it in the way it is worded, at the present time, we are not able to find anyone, until further notice who will co-ordinate the ordering, then the printing separately,  and even so, it would not be, priced reasonably economically.


Basically we have been informed, the prices are the same for the black and white text word writing, for the same size in image, as the coloured picture photo printing, another issue is co-coordinating the two separate orders, which does not seem to fit in, the way I have been given to understand, procedures are set up.

Even if it is not quite ideal, if some way suitable comes up, it certainly will be looked into.


Hope you understand,.

Thank You,
Antonio Falbo
 It has been difficult trying to get a printing lab to co ordinate the Text and the Image on the same order,  for all that is being presented 
  On display only. Printing not available as yet.