Creator and founder of the companies. CEO of SAB International Group. Writer, poet and songwriter, musician and an expert botanist in frangipani. Author of more than 300 poems and French songs. Author of 3 books: "Couleur Mekong Volume 1, Volume 2 & Volume 3", works written in French, on his poems, poems of songs and musical scores, available in France, and also in several Universities and Grandes écoles francophones in Thailand and in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, and on


Créateur et fondateur des entreprises. PDG du groupe SAB International.

Ecrivain, poète et auteur de chansons, musicien et un botaniste averti en frangipanier.

Auteur de plus de 300 poèmes et chansons francophones.

Auteur de 3 ouvrages : "Couleur Mékong Volume 1, Volume 2 & Volume 3", ouvrages écrits en français, sur ses poèmes, poèmes de chansons et partitions musicales, disponibles en France, et également dans plusieurs Universités et Grandes écoles francophones en Thaïlande et au Laos, au Cambodge et au Vietnam, et sur

Additional Note:

I had written and obtained permission from Saysamone AMPHONESINH in 2013, to be able to use Frangipani Plumeria Images from the website he had on display, I was to have a link on my website to his, as the original link is now no longer able to connect to Saysamone AMPHONESINH original website, I therefore have provided the most suitable I found above, I am preparing to use more of the Frangipani Plumeria again, so recently I have tried extensively in many different ways to contact Family members, as I found out

 Saysamone Amphonesinh had passed away a few years ago, when I tried CEO of SAB International Group, that was of no help, what I have found is the above information.

Until I find further information,

Thank You

Antonio [Farlbeau] Falbo.